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Insightful Leads

Gain insights into the interests, styles, and budgets of your leads. Our app compiles and presents this information, helping you understand your potential clients better and tailor your pitches accordingly.

Curated Leads

Our app uses advanced algorithms and industry knowledge to collect and provide the highest quality leads, tailored to the needs and specialties of each interior designer.

Real-Time Leads

Get instant notifications whenever new leads that match your preferences become available. This ensures you can respond quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Geo-Targeted Leads

Our app includes the ability to target leads based on their geographic location, allowing you to focus on potential clients in specific regions or areas that match your service coverage.

How App Works?

What Interior Designers Achieve with QuickInterio

  • Access to real-time project and loan information
  • Secure and easy communication
  • Find and connect with qualified leads
  • Receive notifications and access to new leads
  • Respond promptly to inquiries and requests from potential clients
  • Collaborate with other interior designers

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickInterio welcomes professionals from various fields, including interior designers, architects, civil engineers, builders, and freelancers specializing in interior design and execution services.

Yes, Quick Interio caters to both established professionals and freelancers. It offers equal opportunities for all interior designers to generate leads and expand their client base.

Yes, Quick Interio provides a calling feature that enables seamless communication between interior designers and potential clients. You can discuss project details and requirements. And answer inquiries directly.

Quick Interio employs a comprehensive lead verification process, ensuring that only genuine and qualified leads are presented to interior designers. This helps save time and ensures a higher chance of converting leads into successful projects.

Why People Love Quick Interio App

Quick Interio is the ultimate solution for interior designers! It effortlessly connects you with qualified leads, making your business thrive. A must-have app!

Prakash Mehta
Interior Designer – Delhi
I highly recommend Quick Interio to fellow interior designers. It’s a powerful tool that connects you with ideal clients.

Pravin Jain
Architect – Bangalore
I came to know about quick interio app from my friend. This app has helped me a lot. It boosted my client base and helped me grow my business. Highly recommended.

Ramesh Rao
Interior Designer – Hyderabad

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